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Headaches may be caused by lack of sex!
Great sex may be more important to your health then you think - did you know that your sex life could be related to the headaches you get? It turns out that quick sex can cause headaches while more sex might actually help relieve them.

What is sex headache?
Some of you may have already had the unfortunate experience of sex headaches. This is head pain that often starts during sex, orgasm, or masturbation. For some they are short in duration (5 to 10 minutes), while for others the pain can hang around for over an hour. People who frequently have migraines or other types of headaches are actually more prone to suffer from sex headaches. And, while both men and women have been known to get these types of pains during sexual activity men are actually more likely to get sex headaches.

What causes sex headaches?
Over-exertion during sex
While it is not entirely certain what causes sex headaches, a lot of research indicate that they are related to over-exertion during sexual intercourse. Some think that men have these headaches more often then women because they tend to do most thrusting and moving during sexual activity. Essentially what may be happening is that you are experiencing a headache similar to one that you would have if you just completed an overly strenuous exercise activity. It may sound silly, but sex is exercise and you may find it helpful to warm up a little before bringing yourself up to full speed and pace yourself during intercourse (read: foreplay helps avoid headaches!). Getting yourself physically fit by routinely exercising, eating right, and managing your weight can also help.

Quick orgasm
Reaching orgasm too quickly may also be a culprit. If your sexual tension is building too quickly you may be experiencing a rapid increase in your blood pressure. This rapid increase in blood pressure may cause you to have a headache. So men: if quickies are your thing, your partner’s complaints may not be the only thing you have to worry about! If you have sex headaches you might want to consider allowing for a slow build to orgasm.

Strenuous sexual position
It is worth noting that some sex headaches might actually just be the result of your favorite sexual positions or even tension during sex. Certain sexual positions can put strain on body parts or increase the flow of blood to your head. For example, having your head hanging down lower then the rest of your body or putting your neck in awkward and stiff positions during sex can cause you to have head pain. Changing your sexual positions or limiting the amount of time spent in those positions can make a vast difference in whether or not you suffer from sex headaches. Also, incorporating massage into foreplay can help relax those neck muscles that tend to get too tense during sex.

Sex headache is a common problem
Those who routinely suffer from sex headaches should not be afraid to consult their primary care physician about the problem. Hundreds of thousands of Americans experience sex headaches so there is no reason for you to be embarrassed. While most sex headaches are benign in origin it is always a good practice to rule out the possibility that you are suffering from something from something more serious.

Treatments for sex headache
Not only can longer, better-paced sex reduce the risk of sex headaches, but having sex more frequently may actually help you ease migraines and other types of headaches!

Sex helps reduce headaches by encouraging your body to release endorphins that have a similar effect on your body as morphine. Frequent sex can also help reduce stress and tension levels that can often times trigger severe headaches. Research done in Germany and by a South Illinois School of Medicine suggest sex is a great treatment for general headache. The good news is, the more powerful the orgasm the greater the level of endorphins released and therefore the greater headache relief you experience

Natural Supplement for Better Sex
If you are having sex related headaches or are interested in reducing the amount of headaches you experience in general by increasing the frequency, length, and orgasmic pleasure of your lovemaking you might want to explore the world of herbal medicine. There are a variety of natural alternatives on the market that can make your lovemaking experience more enjoyable and give you the energy to have sex more often.

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