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What is premature ejaculation and what causes it?


Ten tips to help you combat premature ejaculations

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What is premature ejaculation?
Premature ejaculation is, well, ejaculation that is premature - that is it occurs before a man wants it, or too quickly during intercourse to satisfy his partner. This, of course, is relative: what's considered too quick for someone might be completely normal for others.

What is normal, then?
Studies have shown that it is normal for men to have an orgasm and ejaculate within 2 to 3 minutes after penetrating the vagina. This is far quicker than what most men expect or wish (especially when comparing their performance against those adult film stars. That's one reason why they're in that business, folks).

There may also be an aspect of expectation on behalf of the man's partner. Studies have suggested that most women climax after 10 to 15 minutes of intercourse. Keep in mind, however, that the majority of women (some say between 65 to 75%) are unable to reach orgasm by intercourse alone. Moreover, it is estimated that about 10% of women can't reach orgasm at all!

Nevertheless, premature ejaculation exists and is actually a big problem for many men. Indeed, it is the number one sexual complaint among men under 50. Some will ejaculate immediately after erection, right before penetration, or just seconds after it.

What causes premature ejaculation?
Most severe premature ejaculations are caused by biological factors - including urinary tract infections, so if this is your complaint, see a doctor.

Other causes include psychological factors, especially anxiety, stress, or guilt. Many premature ejaculation problems go away by themselves, as these underlying psychological factors disappear.

Lastly, drugs such as over the counter cold pills and cigarette smoking have been implicated as causing or contributing to premature ejaculation. If you smoke, consider this as yet another reason to quit (as if the other health dangers are not enough ...)

Are there drugs for premature ejaculation?

Not officially, although serotonin uptake blockers or serotonin reuptake inhibitors used to treat depression have been used "off-label" to treat men with premature ejaculation. It is important to note that these drugs have not been indicated for this treatment, and therefore their use must only be prescribed by a knowledgeable physician.

So, what can I do to last longer?
Plenty. Both cheap (or free) and not ... > Next

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