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Aging and the Male Sex Drive

Low Sex Drive

What causes low sex drive?

Treatments for low sex drive

Sex and desire are an extremely important part of intimate relationships among adults. Many men, however, suffer from a low sex drive, which can greatly impair the quality of any romantic relationship. This can mean either that the man no longer wants to initiate sex or that he feels little or no desire to respond when his partner initiates sex.

Causes of Low Sex Drive
There are a variety of things that can affect a man’s sex drive. One of the most common causes of a decrease in sex drive is simply aging. There are essentially three factors that drive sex drive down as we age: a decrease in testosterone, psychological changes associated with aging, and physical changes associated with aging.

Pain caused by the onset of arthritis, muscle soreness, or other sources can make sex unenjoyable and thus decrease a man’s desire.

Fatigue or tiredness can impair sexual desire. Fatigue can be triggered by any number of factors including: physical exertion, medication, or psychological problems (like stress and depression).

Men who undergo surgery may refrain from sexual intimacy because of a fear of pain or impotence or because they view themselves as sexually unattractive. Prostatectomy (removal of all or part of the prostrate) for example may not affect a man’s physical ability to be intimate but also may cause the loss of his ability to control the bladder. Thus men who experience incontenence may be fearful of losing bladder control during sexual intercourse.

Alcohol and Drugs
The use of alcohol and drugs (legal and illegal) can adversely affect a man’s sex drive. Alcohol for example, can cause erection problems and increase the amount of time necessary to achieve orgasm. Also, certain blood pressure, antidepressants, and diabetes regulating medications are well known to decrease men’s sex drive.

Psychological Problems and Stress
A low sex drive can be a product of a man’s poor emotional health. This can be caused by a number of things including: job related stress; marital or relationship problems; sexuality issues; traumatic sexual experiences (such as molestation or rape); an unwilling sexual partner (your sexual partner no longer desires sex and therefore you intern start to lose your desire as well); boredom; or possibly a belief that you are or have become physically unattractive (it’s not just women who worry about their appearance as they age - thus the new booming market for male cosmetics).

Low Testosterone
A decrease in testosterone production often occurs in men as they age. One of the symptoms of this decrease in the body’s testosterone levels is a decline sex drive. Along with a decrease in sex drive men with low testosterone may also experience angst, lack of concentration, and possibly hot flashes (funny enough, symptoms that are generally associated with Women going through menopause).

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