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Welcome to Sex Health In Plain English!
You'll find articles on sex health topics you were too afraid (or too embarassed) to ask, written in plain ol' English! Check back often for new articles and don't forget to suggest new topics!

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Impotence: can it be cured without drugs?
All you wanted to know about impotence, including how to make it go away.
Why be afraid of menopause?
Menopause may be inevitable for women, but with natural treatments available today, it should no longer be feared. Find out how.
10 tips to eliminate premature ejaculation
Ten easy (and mostly free) things you can do to combat PE.
Stop incontinence with Kegel exercise
Learn a simple, discreet exercise that can help stop embarassing incontinence.
Peyronie's disease & penis curvature
What is this rare disease that causes penis curvature?
Not tonight, honey: Sex and Headaches
Headache is no longer just an excuse for not having sex, it may actually be caused by lack of sex!
Pre-ejaculation fluid
Is it normal to have this clear secretion during arousal?
Women's sexual performance problems
Why some women can't enjoy sex, and how to fix it
Aging and the male sex drive
What are some ways to reverse the decline in sex drive as men age?

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